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Notice of CDLS Annual General Meeting 2020

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(Registered in England and Wales with number 00022357)

(the Company)


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of The Incorporated Law Society for Cardiff and District will be held at Romilly Crescent, Cardiff, on 27th July 2020 at 5.30pm.

NOTE: Members will not be able to physically attend the AGM as we will be holding it behind closed doors. Members will be able to attend via Zoom and are encouraged to participate using this link or via proxy:
Meeting ID: 527 413 4473
Password: Win@67_TY

You will be asked to consider and vote of the resolutions set out below which are proposed and will be passed as ordinary resolutions.


1                   To read through and if it thought fit confirm the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 24 May 2018.

2                   To receive and approve the unaudited financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2019 including the Tresurer’s Report.

3                   To re-elect Andrew Jones, Kerry Mordey, Peter Davies, Roy Morgan, Sarah Watkins, Anne-Louise Ferguson and Jennifer Perry, as members of Council, who are standing for re-election.

4                   To elect Madeleine Jordan, Clare Good and Rhian Smith as members of Council, who are standing for election.

5                   The election of officers for the ensuing year:-





Caron Rockey

Senior Vice President

Tom Black

Junior Vice President and Hon. Asst. Secretary (Equality & Diversity)

Jenine Abdo

Honorary Secretary

Rachelle Sellek


Janet Lavelle

Hon. Asst. Secretary (P.D. Officer)

Tom Danter

Hon. Asst. Secretary (Legal Aid)

Trudy McBride

Hon. Asst. Secretary (Membership)

Steve Roberts

Hon. Asst. Secretary (Legal Tech.)

Clive Thomas

Hon.Asst.  Secretary (Regulatory Issues)

Byron Jones

Hon. Asst. Secretary (Social)

Delyth Williams

Hon. Asst. Secretary (Marketing & Events)

Emma Waddingham


6                   To approve the donation of £250 to LawCare and £250 to SBA (The Solicitors Charity)





Registered Office                                                                                 By Order of the Board

3 Assembly Square                                                                              R L Sellek

Britannia Quay                                                                                     Company Secretary


CF10 4PL

Dated 13th July 2020

See over for Notes.















The terms used in this Note here shall have the same meanings as those set out in the Company's articles of association. References to articles are to the aforementioned articles of association.

1.     Every member shall have one vote whether on a show of hands or on a poll provided that any Associate Members as defined in Article 4 shall not be entitled to vote.

2.     Members are entitled to appoint a proxy to vote at a general meeting of the Company. The process for doing so is as described in paragraph 6 below.

3.     On a show of hands, each member present is entitled to one vote. Members represented by proxy shall have no vote.

4.     On a poll, votes may be given either personally or by proxy, but no person shall act as a proxy who is not entitled to be present and vote in his own right.

5.     A vote given in accordance with the terms of an instrument of proxy shall be valid notwithstanding the previous death of the principal or revocation of the proxy, provided that no intimation in writing of the death or revocation shall have been received at the registered office one hour at least before the time fixed for holding the meeting.

6.     The instrument appointing a proxy shall be in writing under the hand of the appointor or his attornmey duly authorised in writing, in the following form or as near thereto as circumstances will permit:-


"I,                     of         a member of THE INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY FOR CARDIFF AND DISTRICT hereby appoint                        of another member of the Society, and failing him of                another member of the Society, to vote for me and on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting of the Society held on the            day of and at every adjournment thereof.

As my witness my hand this                 day of              ."

7.     To be valid any proxy form or other instrument appointing a proxy must be:

·       completed and signed;

·       sent or delivered to R L Sellek, 3 Assembly Square, Britannia Quay, Cardiff CF10 4PL; and

·       received by R L Sellek no later than forty-eight hours before the time appointed for holding the meeting.


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